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Ask Lily: Why does everyone say “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”?

Ask Lily: How do I get over my fear of moving away from home?

Ask Lily: We broke up, so why has nothing changed?

Ask Lily: She Has a Psychological Condition; Should I Still Date Her?

Ask Lily: Do I Need Therapy?

Ask Lily: I’m In Love With My Best Friend. What Should I Do?

Ask Lily: Do Lesbians Want to Be Men?

Ask Lily: How Do I Talk About LGBT Issues with My Conservative Family?

Ask Lily: How Do I Tell Her She’s Being Clingy?

Ask Lily: Why Don’t I Enjoy Sex?

Ask Lily: How Do I Help Someone Who Is Terminally Ill Without Falling Apart?

Ask Lily: Should I Out Myself When A Boy Asks Me Out?

Ask Lily: Should I Speak Up About Using More LGBT-Friendly Terminology In Class?

Ask Lily: How Do I Get The Nerve To Talk To Her?

Ask Lily: Do Lesbians Ever Enjoy Sex With Men?

Ask Lily: Should I Have Said Something About A Homophobic Comment In Class?

Ask Lily: How Can I Be Sure I’m a Lesbian?

Ask Lily: Am I A Lesbian, Or Just Naya-sexual?

Ask Lily: I Dated Girls Until I Fell In Love With a Man, But Our Sex Life Is Strained. What Do I Do?

Ask Spash: How Can I Find a Girlfriend So I’m Ready To Come Out?

Ask Spash: How Can I Help Someone Else Be Okay With Her Sexuality?

A message from the BFU Counseling Department in light of this episode

Ask Spash: How Long Does It Take To Make Peace with Your Sexuality?

Ask Spash: Was Quinn Raped?

Sacred, Sexy Sharing Circle: Brittana, Monogamy, and Labels

Ask Spash: Can I Be Christian And Gay?

Ask Spash: Is it possible to identify as gay, but not actually be?

Ask Spash: Does My Mom Know?

Can you recommend any other ways to stop cutting besides ice and rubber bands?

Ask Spash: How Do I Deal With My Straight-Girl Crush?

Ask Spash: What’s the Deal With Cutting?

Ask Spash: Is It Wrong To Date a Boy?

Ask Spash: What Can I Do About Our Different Comfort Levels with Being Out?

Ask Spash: How Do I Come Out When I’m So Scared?

Ask Spah: How Can I Be Proud But Not Totally Out?

Ask Spash: “How to come out”

Spash Recommends: “For the Bible Tells Me So”

Unpopular Psychological Opinion: Not Everything Brittany Does Is About Santana

Ask Spash: Does Silence Indicate Consent?

Ask Spash: Should LGBT Community Be a Factor In Choosing a University?

Ask Spash: How Do I Figure Us Out Without Damaging Our Friendship?

Ask Spash: I Got Spooked - Now What?

Ask Spash: How Can I Pick Up Girls?

Ask Spash: Is She Flirting With Me?

Ask Spash: Why Don’t My Friends Just Ask Me If I’m Gay?

Ask Spash: Why Can’t I Open Up?

Ask Spash: What Is Pansexuality?

Sacred, Sexy Sharing Circle: “People Will Hate Us”

Ask Spash: She Started Ignoring Me. What Do I Do?

Ask Spash: Can Internet Love Be Real? If So, Why Is She Pulling Away?

Ask Spash: Can I Come Out If I’m Not Sure What I Am?

Sacred, Sexy Sharing Circle: “We’re Both Girls”

Ask Spash: Should I Tell My Best Friend I Love Her?

Ask Spash: Should I Come Out To My Parents?

Ask Spash: How ‘Out’ Should I Be?

Ask Spash: I’m Closeted and In Love With My Best Friend

Ask Spash: How Do I Know If I’m Lesbian, Bi, or Bi-Curious?

Ask Spash: Mixed Signals

Ask SpashSacred, Sexy Sharing Circle: “There’s No One Like Us”