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snixxjuice asked: Hey I'm new to tumblr. Any Brittana blogs I need to be following? :)

Good morning. 

We generally don’t give recomendations as it implys favoritism. (This is clearly not the case as some of these bloggers do not follow BFU.) 

That being said, these are our top 5 blogs by category based on Brittana content.

Art: Marziiporn, Zellk, Z-tagada, Afterlaughs, Luckypreasure.

Analysis: Themostrandomfandom, Gleerant, Kairos27, Fairiesshouldhaveveils, Obstinate-questionings.

Fiction: letscall-l, Collidingkiss, Sapphosghost, Lingeringlilies, Lajeunefilleenfleur.

Gifs: Anothergayshark, Ohnaya, Thatllwork, Colfvera, Nayas-overalls.

Rebloggers: Mrsrivera-brittana, Teambrittana, Brittanakissed, Hysterical-blindness, Lordtubbs

Spoilers: My-lucky-day, Dorothy-snarker, Gleespoilers, Gleebts, General Media Outlets

We hope this helps and Happy Monday!  

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